Hello to all the Bagel eaters out there.  It has been awhile since I have written anything, so I thought I would give you an update of what we have been up to here at Nancy’s.

We are cruising through winter and trying to stay positive with this tough winter we have had.  I think we have decided that we are ready for SPRING to come quickly.  I have a love/ hate relationship with winter.  I love snow, but it keeps you away, so it is bad for business.  Now that we are use to it and we are getting hints of spring,  I hope to return to our usual business.

So now I want to talk about what we pride ourselves on here.  We make most everything we serve right here in our tiny kitchen.  The Bagels are made from real ingredients, shaped and baked right here.  You can even watch the process.  All of  our spreads are mixed here, the cookies and brownies are made  with real butter.   We chop all our own vegetables for all our soups and make the batch from scratch, no mixes or cans here!  We also cook the chicken we use in our chicken salad.Our salads are made to order too!  So in other words, what I am trying to tell you, is we have great fresh food made from the best ingredients I can buy.  For my type of restaurant, that is rare.   You will always get the highest quality of food here at Nancy’s.  So do yourself and your body a favor,  make Nancy’s a regular part of your diet.

Hope to see you soon!